Blocked drains needn’t be a problem when Accelerated Drain Services Ltd provides an extensive range of services to prevent drainage blocks.

What are the signs of Blocked Drains London?

There are clear indications of when drains are blocked and knowing what these are can help you to identify potential issues before they get worse. Looking out for signs of discolouration and foul smells should help to prevent major incidents.

What causes Blocked Drains?

Homes rely on drainage systems and pipes to make sure that water drains away properly, so when these become blocked it causes serious problems.

There are many different causes of Blocked Drains London, including:

  • Putting the wrong things down the toilet or sink

One of the main reasons why drains become blocked is that unsuitable items are being flushed. Baby wipes are a prime example of what shouldn’t be put down the toilet or sink because they take longer to break down than toilet paper. Wipes can accumulate and prevent water from flowing easily.

  • Debris causing blockages

Most cases of Blocked Drains London are as a result of people flushing the wrong things down the toilet but sometimes external items can get into the system. Leaves and stones are just two examples of materials that can cause drains to block and restrict water from passing. Think about installing drain covers to prevent foreign objects from blocking drain pipes.

  • Tree roots causing pipes to crack

Tree roots can interfere with drainage pipes and cause them to crack, which in time leads to leaks and blockages. The best thing to do to prevent this from happening is to keep an eye out for tree roots because if they are starting to come up through the ground – it’s inevitable that they will be causing issues underground.

How to deal with Blocked Drains London?


CCTV Drain Surveys

If you’re concerned about your drains, why not have a CCTV drain survey conducted? Drainage blockages can occur for a number of reasons and these can sometimes be hidden – which is why we carry out CCTV drain surveys.

The way a CCTV drain survey works is simple. A camera is attached to a cable which is lowered into the drains. The camera then sends signals through the drain to create high-quality footage which allows you to identify exactly where blockages are located.

In carrying out the survey, we can advise the best course of action for repairing drains that are blocked. A CCTV drain survey identifies the cause of Blocked Drains London and provides an accurate report.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

At ADS, we can provide a tailored solution that allows you to remove blockages effectively. The high-pressure water jetting services that we offer encourage easy flushing and prevent the formation of debris.

High pressure jetting is great for unblocking and descaling drains – making sure that they function efficiently. Here’s how it works:

A CCTV camera is inserted into the drainage system and assesses what needs to be done to overcome blockages.

The high-pressure water jet is a powerful piece of equipment that we use to clear Blocked Drains London. The time it takes for us to complete high-pressure water jetting is dependent on the severity of the blockage. We usually clear small blockages within a matter of minutes, where more complex blockages can take much longer.

Drain Cleaning

When it comes to removing dirt, grime and silt from drains, you cannot beat the services that we provide at ADS. Our drain cleaning services provide a versatile solution for toilets, sewers and sinks.

We offer drain cleaning for customers who are experiencing Blocked Drains London to help them to maintain the quality of their system and to ensure that fluids flow easily.

At ADS, the team of professionals have the skill and expertise to remove blockages using the most innovative technology and equipment. Having your drains cleaned will prevent the occurrence of blockages in the future – and what’s more, it’s minimally disruptive.

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