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    Build-Over CCTV Drain Surveys Cheshunt

    When considering an extension, the local water authority will need to be notified because – since 2011 – legislation has been implemented to ensure that their access to drains is not restricted by the work you’re undertaking.

    As a general rule of thumb, they will need to know a little bit about your project – including the location, condition, depth and size of the drainage system – not to mention how construction will impact on their drainage and sewage infrastructure. Though it may seem like a huge ordeal to find such information fast, this needn’t be the case.

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    Build-Over CCTV Drain Surveys Cheshunt

    At Certified Drain Surveys Ltd, we specialise in build-over CCTV drain surveys in Cheshunt. We utilise only the best equipment to map out the drainage layout, identify ownership (e.g. public or private) and outline the determining factors, mentioned above. Our surveyors are highly skilled and can identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

    The great thing about our build-over CCTV drain surveys in Cheshunt is that they will ensure that your project proceeds with confidence and give you the peace of mind that work is undertaken in the knowledge that no drainage issues will arise as a result.

    We also suggest that you have a CCTV drain survey carried out after the building work is complete to ensure that your home improvements haven’t damaged or disrupted the pre-existing pipework.

    For more information about our build-over surveys, get in touch with the team. Otherwise, call 0800 955 7 955 to book your build-over CCTV drain survey in Cheshunt today.

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