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    Party Wall Drainage Surveys Kent

    If you’re based in Kent and searching for ‘party wall surveyors near me’, look no further than Certified Drain Surveys Ltd.

    As one of London’s leading drainage contractors, we cover all areas in the capital – including Kent – and will be more than happy to send one of our party wall surveyors to your property to conduct a CCTV drainage survey.

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    Importance Of Party Wall Drainage Surveys In Kent

    Party wall drainage surveys are a critical part of the surveying process when building work is expected to take place on adjacent properties. And, unfortunately, these are often overlooked and don’t take place when they should – leading to all sorts of problems further down the line.

    See the diagram below. If you lived at house B and was planning on having an extension at your home, the building work could affect the properties at either side of your house (houses A and C), causing ground movement. This movement can have a significant impact on the functionality and performance of your underground drainage system and/or your neighbours.

    Therefore, it pays to have a party wall surveyor in London look at your drains before building work begins. A build-over survey – and hand over for building control upon completion – will be required at house B, whereas houses A and C will need a pre- and post-conditional drain survey to ensure that the ground movement hasn’t caused any damages.

    Professional party wall drainage surveys in Kent

    Here at Certified Drain Surveys, we have been conducting party wall drain surveys in Kent and surrounding areas for many years. We’re also aware that failure to complete the pre- and post-conditional surveys can result in expensive legal claims against the professionals undertaking the work and the property owner. And we’re sure you’ll want to avoid conflicts between your neighbours at all costs!

    The good news is, our engineers and surveyors possess all the necessary tools to conduct surveys. We can inspect your drainpipes closely – identifying potential defects (i.e. cracks, blockages, tree root intrusion, etc.) and other factors that could impinge on the construction work – and make comparisons with the state of the drains once the construction is complete. This way, if there was any damage to your pipes as a result of the work, you can prove that the damage wasn’t already there. It ensures that the proper party is charged for the repairs too.

    Another reason why you should employ the expertise of our London party wall surveyors is that we will issue a detailed report – something that building control will ask to see to double-check that the work carried out complies with Part H of building regulations.

    Get in touch with our party wall drainage surveyors today

    The rule of thumb when having work done at your property in Kent is to never overlook the drains (that includes your neighbours’ drainage systems too!). Although they are out of sight out of mind, they require your undivided attention. And having a CCTV drainage survey completed by one of our party wall surveyors will prevent unforeseen problems.

    So, if you’d like to arrange a survey or find out a little more about how much a party wall surveyor costs, feel free to call us on 0800 955 7955. Alternatively, you can send an email to or fill in the online enquiry form for a swift and informed response.

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