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    Rat Control London

    Do you think you’ve got rats in London? Several signs indicate you have a rat infestation, and knowing what to keep an eye out for will help you to decide whether you need a rat/vermin investigation in London.


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    Rat Detection in London

    Here we look at just a few of the tell-tale signs that you’ve got a rat problem:

    • Scratching from the ceiling and walls (especially at night-time)
    • Small rat droppings in the corners of the room or behind furniture
    • Unpleasant smells
    • Rub marks on the walls
    • Gnawed food, fabric and furniture
    • Rat nests and burrows

    Rat control in London is our forte at Accelerated Drain Services Ltd. So, if you experience any of the above, be sure to give us a call and we’ll arrange a CCTV drainage survey to see exactly how rodents are getting into your property.

    How do rats get in, you might ask?

    This is something that we get asked a lot at ADS, and the answer is simple. Most infestations can be traced back to a single defect within the drainage or sewage network – be it displaced joins or damaged drain pipes.

    Unfortunately, once they get in, they invite more rats through the trail they leave behind – causing an even bigger problem.

    Although you might be tempted to take vermin control into your own hands, laying rat traps and poisons, we suggest you don’t. Instead, get in touch with us and we’ll provide a rat investigation in London – a quick and easy way to get to the bottom of the problem and establish how they are entering your home or workplace.

    We use our HD cameras to inspect the drainage systems and record the footage which can be displayed on a computer screen in real-time. After finding the entry point, our NADC/EU engineers will happily advise a suitable solution for rat removal in London.

    If you would like to book a rat investigation in London or have any questions regarding our surveys, you’re more than welcome to call 0800 955 7 955 or email

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