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    Party Wall Drainage Surveys Essex

    Got plans to build at your home in Essex? Due diligence is key and our party wall surveyors, here at Certified Drain Surveys Ltd, can help.

    When renovating or reconstructing your property, you must consider the party wall agreement and the impact construction will have on yours and the drainage systems close to your property. With that in mind, it pays to have a party wall drainage survey carried out by professional London party wall surveyors, like ours, before work commences and afterwards.

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    Importance of party wall drainage surveys In Essex

    Party wall drain surveys are a crucial part of the process when building work is due to start on adjacent properties. When these surveys aren’t conducted, it can lead to major issues further down the line.

    For instance, say house B decided to have a basement extension or rear and side return extension, the drainage systems on the two neighbouring properties (A and C) could be affected by the excavation works. This can result in ground movement and it’s this movement that can have a detrimental effect on underground drainage systems.

    Therefore, to make sure that the movement hasn’t caused any damage to the drainage systems in and around the worksite, a build-over survey must be carried out at house B whilst houses A and C will require a pre- and post-conditional survey.

    Aside from this, building control will expect to see the final survey report to ensure that Part H has been adhered to on the property where the works have been undertaken (house B), and the party wall surveyors will want the assurance that adjacent properties (houses A and C) have remained unaffected by the construction work.

    Professional party wall drainage surveys in Essex

    At Certified Drain Surveys Ltd, we have been providing party wall drain surveys in Essex for many years and use the latest technology to conduct our CCTV drain surveys. We also make use of the innovative WinCan reporting software which allows us to provide a detailed report, outlining our findings in a way that is easy to interpret.

    Whilst the party wall agreement will prevent and resolve disputes related to a shared wall, the drainage survey will provide you and your neighbours with peace of mind that there are no issues with the drains. And if there are, our engineers will offer guidance on necessary repairs and maintenance along with a free, no-obligation quote.

    Arrange a party wall survey today

    Here at Certified Drain Surveys, we specialise in CCTV drainage surveys – and cover all areas in London. So, if you’re based in Essex and searching for ‘party wall surveyors near me’, give us a call on 0800 955 7955 today. We will gladly provide you with an estimate and arrange a convenient time to come and conduct the survey.

    Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding how much party wall surveyors cost, or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail with a member of the team, we also encourage you to get in touch.

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