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    CCTV Drain Surveys

    CCTV Drain Surveys are just one of the drainage services that we offer at Accelerated Drain Services Ltd, suiting the requirements of customers based in and around London.

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    Accelerated Drain Services are proud members of the NADC – National Association of Drainage Contractors. Membership no 502

    What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

    Here at Accelerated Drain Services, we specialise in CCTV Drain Surveys which offer a convenient solution for identifying drainage problems. A drain survey foresees the inspection of drains and sewers, investigating problems in further detail.

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      CCTV Drain Surveys FAQs

      We are often asked a number of common questions about Home Buyers Drainage Surveys, here are just some that we encounter:

      How does it work?

      Before a blockage can be removed, you need to locate exactly where the blockage is. The CCTV Drain Surveys are ideal for when visual inspections don’t quite cut it; they provide you with a quick analysis and accurate diagnosis.

      With CCTV Drain Surveys, you can expect a small camera (supplied by XTI) to be placed at the end of a long cable that is lowered into the drain and then into the pipes. The high tech camera sends signals through the drain to produce high-quality images and footage which will be displayed on a monitor for the plumber to see.

      The cameras produce full PDF Reports using the Wincan Reporting Software, making it easier for plumbers to see what the problem is and what needs doing. The surveys can also help to navigate and determine causes of blocked drains, ensuring that they are dealt with effectively.

      Who can benefit?

      At ADS, we provide CCTV Drain Surveys to match the requirements of all customers. Our services are provided to attract the attention of building surveyors, architects and engineers, along with estate agents and home buyers.

      Any of our drainage services are delivered to a high-quality standard, ensuring that your drains are dealt with appropriately.

      We carry out CCTV Drain Surveys on behalf of our ever-growing number of clients, including building contractors, hospitals, schools, colleges and other businesses, providing a detailed inspection of drainage pipes. Using the latest technology, we demonstrate the precise condition of drains in public and private properties, addressing any potential faults and providing an appropriate solution to repair them.

      Why Accelerated Drain Services Ltd?

      The team at Accelerated Drain Services are fully certified in all aspects of drainage surveys and are members of the National Association of Drainage Contractors.

      Any surveys are carried out at your convenience, at a time that suits you best. We offer drain surveys as a less intrusive method for investigating drains and pipes, essentially preventing the need to excavate pipes.

      The camera footage guarantees quick and easy access to drains, not only saving time and effort but minimising disruption.

      At ADS, we also use CCTV Drain Surveys to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed. Our surveys keep a record of all the images that are taken as the camera enters the drain, allowing you to look back and reflect on them. These images can be used to identify blockages within pipes and other potential problems, ensuring that they are removed efficiently.

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