Home Buyers Drainage Survey – London

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys are becoming increasingly popular. An ever-growing number of mortgage lenders now require them as part of the mortgage application and building surveyors advise clients to have them carried out prior to exchange of contract.

Drainage surveys are important, they will identify defects in the underground drainage system of your new home. A survey will also ascertain drainage ownership and misconnections.

All our surveyors are fully certified by the NADC and reports are provided using bespoke reporting software. All London postcode areas are covered by ADS as well as Essex, Kent and Middlesex.

Drain surveys should never be considered an additional expense, it is now considered to be one of the most valuable parts of the surveying process and is not to be overlooked.

Defective drainage systems are responsible for major structural defects in buildings, subsidence and can be avoided if located and corrected in time. Never buy a property without a full CCTV drain survey.

Please see the short video clip on this page for more information and the list of postcode areas we service.

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